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mayo 7, 2021

LIVING BY CHOICE descargar PDF gratis

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Living by Choice was written to help us better understand the power of our choices and that our choices not only define who we are today, but ultimately the type of person we turn out to be. The book is intended to help adults who want to make better choices in their lives, parents who are teaching choice-making skills to their children, and young people working to gain insight into how to develop their lives. The book stresses that each of us has the personal responsibility of managing our life and that we do so&mdash,effectively or otherwise&mdash,through the choices we make. The truth is . . . most of us are so busy with our daily routines that we seldom stop to think about what is required to manage our lives effectively. We tend to live our lives one day at a time without an overall strategy for how best to do so. Many of us live without a clear insight into how our choices define who we are and ultimately what we achieve. To bring this subject into greater focus . . . Living by Choice was written to motivate individuals, younger ones and older ones, to stop and consider the choices they are making in their lives. You will not find &ldquo,the answers&rdquo, here, and that was never the intention of the book. The ultimate answers about your life can only come from you. However, the book is intended to stimulate your thinking. Its basic objective is to help you think about your life and motivate you to make any choices needed to adjust the way you are living yours. To accomplish this, the book contains fourteen (14) sections including Managing Your Life, Being an Honest Person, and Creating a Caring You. Within these fourteen sections, the book addresses eighty-two (82) important choices that most of us face in life including The Choice to Be an Independent Thinker, The Choice to Let Love Guide Your Life, and The Choice to Respect Our Differences to name a few.
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