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noviembre 27, 2020

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For those who have never heard of, nor understand Autism, this easy-to-read personal journey will tug at your emotions, open your eyes and ears to the struggles that families looking after children with disabilities may face. ~ Dr Edwin YipHe taught me a lot through his courage to persevere with communication, and in using his own creative ways of&nbsp, trying to get his message across – especially in the early days, when it was hard for him to understand how language works. He is an amazing young man, and he has been very blessed to have such loving and supportive parents to guide him through the joys and challenges of life. ~ Meryl Brown, Speech Language TherapistThe length of the book, the quality of the people in the heart of the story, and the style of writing make it an atrayente read that will be a source of hope and blessing to people all over the world. ~ Rev Andrew MarshallI asked, &ldquo,God, why me?&rdquo, I imagined that I got a call from the DP saying, &ldquo,It was a mistake. There&rsquo,s nothing wrong with Mikey. Mikey is común like other children.&rdquo, Then I realised that it was just an illusion. I was on my knees, &ldquo,God, please help me in my new journey which seems really scary.&rdquo,&nbsp, ~ Esther_,
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