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septiembre 10, 2021

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Sinopsis de MINIMALISM
Does your home give you stress instead of serenity? Are you tired of the weight of all your stuff dragging you down?Whether you want to (1) have a peaceful living environment, (2) have more happiness and contentment, or (3) be more organized and productive, then this is the book for you!How long are you going to let your environment, your possessions, and unhealthy relationships negatively impact your life?In this book I will show you just how easy it is to declutter, organize, and minimize your life. You will discover everything you need to know in order to easily start removing all the stuff that you don&rsquo,t really need, which will in turn open up space for you to live a happier and fuller life.Rediscover joy in your environment.In this book I will guide you through the process of decluttering your home, your life, and your relationships in ways that are easy to understand and implement. I have included some practical tips that anyone can use to effectively minimize all the things they no longer need. You will also find simple strategies you can use to reduce the clutter inside your brain. Yes, you can learn to transform negative thought patterns and emotions so that you can have a mind that is calm and clear.Implement simple Feng Shui techniques to attract positive energy into your home.Discover easy to implement principles of Fung Shui to open up your house to life-giving energy. Remove things that block positive energy and organize your rooms to promote health and well-being. Learn how to identify relational red flags that indicate toxic people and discover how to effectively minimize their impact on your life so that they no longer drag
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