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&quot,Money Magically&quot, is your opportunity to dive deeper than you have ever gone before into your own psyche to discover the beliefs and fears that have been preventing you from being the successful, wealthy person you have always wanted to be.Discover your personal &quot,money pattern&quot, along with ways to break out of it to create a new and powerful one. &nbsp,Integrate conflicting &quot,inner voices&quot, who may disagree on what you deserve financially or what you need to have or do to be wealthy. &nbsp,Reprogram your subconscious with new beliefs that allow you to be wealthy beyond measure. &nbsp,Step away from doubts and fears that may have been holding you in a consciousness of lack.Money Magically provides powerful tools to change how you see and relate to wealth allowing you to open to a whole new world of possibilities. &nbsp,Who will you be at the end of 30 days of programming and processing everything that may have ever limited you around money?Magically transform your personal money identity to one of power, success and great riches._,
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