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marzo 17, 2021

NOT ANOTHER ME descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de NOT ANOTHER ME

inspirational children s lyrics (English/Spanish version) to sing-along song about how unique we are. The BagofBaggins animated characters searched all over and could not find another me . They searched the deep ocean, searched the blue sky, they searched in and out, but still could not find another me. After all the searching they realized that they are unique. Who are the BagofBaggins? Meet LaChase the super-fast cheetah and main character with the heart of gold, Chattery Chatter the playful 911 monkey who is the Island s News Reporter, Hooty Hoot the wise owl with magical eyes, Croaky Croak the girly frog whose dreams of water predict the future, and Barky Bark the dog detective with a super-powered nose. In this initial series, each character has its own introductory sing-along book. These five animals that look and act like humans live in the middle of the forest beside the Rio Conspicuo River. After being sent to Earth to serve as guardians of young children, they landed on BagofBaggins Island, and are now busy discovering themselves while getting into mischief. When a child presses an animal s paw, the guardian remembers the true mission,- to dance and sing his /her way into the child s heart to offer protection without the child even knowing it! The sing-along books and complementary toys, plush backpacks and books are produced by CHEETAH Purrrrrrr Production�, an imprint of Connect to Higher Education, Electronic Tools, App & Help (CHEETAH�), an educational agency that seeks to educate, entertain and inspire children to become CHEETAH CUBS (Children Understanding the Benefits of School). We have taken on the social issue of the absentee father and have created innovative activities and programs for fathers, father figures or male mentors who Pledge 2 B Positively There� for the child/children in their lives. With our tools we are also increasing literacy skills connected to the U.S. Title 1 and Grade 3 Promise._,
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