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febrero 28, 2021

OIL AND GOD descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de OIL AND GOD

Oil and God is an unabashed realpolitik analysis of U.S. oil geopolitics and Saudi Arabia&rsquo,s symbiotic attachment to Wahhabism. Oil and God contends that oil hegemony is world hegemony. The U.S. has protected the al-Sauds since 1945. Some 35,000 U.S. soldiers are in regional air and naval bases to protect the oil fields and ruling sheikhs. In Washington&rsquo,s hands, Saudi oil is a non-lethal WMD. Not even the 9/11 atrocities could make Washington punish Riyadh. Oil and God investigates why Iraq was destroyed, why Iran was allowed to dominate Baghdad, and why Shi&rsquo,ite/Sunni wars continue to burn. Merienda oil is replaced by green energy, Washington will abandon Riyadh, Saudi cash will dwindle, and Wahhabi terror will diminish._,
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