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junio 13, 2021

OODLES OF ZOODLES descargar PDF gratis

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&ldquo,What the heck is a Zoodle?&rdquo, Great question! Zucchini + Noodle = Zoodles. And they are just one of many ways you can use vegetable spiralizing to swap out high-carb, starchy pasta for veggies in your favorite dishes. So why is this book only about zoodles? (Another great question &ndash, you are on FIRE today!) For the media weight loss surgery patient, vegetables can be tricky. Not every vegetable sits well and buying and making too much of anything can be a big waste! That&rsquo,s what makes zucchini the perfect place to start! With its forgiving texture (it&rsquo,s 95% water!), variation in sizes and ease of use, zucchini are the weight loss surgery patient&rsquo,s answer to pasta cravings. This book will give you the jumpstart you need into a long and delicious zoodling career, including
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