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julio 24, 2021

OPTIMAL FREEDOM descargar PDF gratis

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Power over our lives is shifting from the people to small groups that would rule over us. Governments are increasingly less transparent, and more controlling over the everyday lives of everyday people.&nbsp,Because our system puts all the power into the hands of a small few, we see greater polarized and violent politics emerging in the west.&nbsp,What do we do about it?We need a system that will optimize individual freedom and control over the government.Optimal Freedom means that the individual&rsquo,s rights and freedoms must always be protected. Neither the government nor the mob should be able to dominate and control every aspect of your life.&nbsp,The people should never feel that they are controlled by a small group of a political class. With Optimal Freedom, they are always the ultimate deciders of the law – and not just merienda every 4 years.Optimal Freedom provides a blueprint that people can use all over the world to create a political environment where they are not ruled by a political class, but rather govern equally._,
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