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Claston A. Bernard is proud to call himself a black&nbsp,conservative, even if this identity has earned him ire from many in the community.&nbsp,His new work&nbsp,examines this&nbsp,same community&rsquo,s&nbsp,deeply&nbsp,ingrained&nbsp,faith&nbsp,in the Democratic&nbsp,Party&nbsp,and how liberals twist&nbsp,it&nbsp,for their own gain.&nbsp,&nbsp,Bernard covers a wide range of topics, including&nbsp,&nbsp,&bull,&nbsp,the ways the Democratic&nbsp,Party has&nbsp,misled and outright&nbsp,manipulated black voters,&bull,&nbsp,the&nbsp,fallacies&nbsp,of the modern construct of race,&bull,&nbsp,the current culture shift in America,&bull,&nbsp,the history of étnico oppression in the United States,&bull,&nbsp,the way the Christian church has become corrupted by ties to secular organizations,&bull,&nbsp,the responsibility black leadership has to the community,&bull,&nbsp,the problems of the&nbsp,leftist-influenced&nbsp,public education system,&bull,&nbsp,the government dietario being pushed on the people,&bull,&nbsp,the successes of black&nbsp,conservatives,&nbsp,and&nbsp,&bull,&nbsp,the truth black Americans need to know about the current political system.&nbsp,&nbsp,Bernard is proud to tell you the facts leftist politicians want to ignore or&nbsp,distort&nbsp,to suit their own dietario. The simple truth is that the Democratic&nbsp,Party doesn&rsquo,t care about black Americans beyond securing their vote. Stop believing the progresista lies,&nbsp,and start evaluating their dietario for yourself._,
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