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octubre 14, 2021

OVERCOME ANXIETY descargar PDF gratis

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Write – As you write the Word of God, allow it to penetrate your heart and mind afresh, even if it is a descendiente scripture.Listen – Listen to your heart, good, bad or indifferent and simply write. Then listen to the heart of God through that scripture and/or in that moment and write what you hear or what you understand from that scripture.Pray – Next, take a moment to reconcile your heart and thoughts with God’s words, then write a prayer from your heart.  Acknowledge who God is and where you are, thanking and asking God for what you need in that moment.My Affirmation – At the end of each entry write a personal affirmation. Take it a step further, put it on a post-it note, your cell phone screen, or make it your daily hashtag on social media. Speak it, and repeat it until you feel a difference in your spirit.  
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