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abril 26, 2021

OVERRIPE ECONOMY descargar PDF gratis

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From industrialisation to the present day Overripe Economy is a genealogy of the emergence of a financeridden Aitarian austerityplagued American capitalism This panoramic politicaleconomic history of the country surveys the ruthlessly competitive capitalism of the nineteenth century the maturation of industrial capitalism in the 1920s the rise and fall of capitalisms Golden Age and the ensuing decline towards the modern era Alan Nasser shows why the emergence of the persistent austerity of financialised neoliberal capitalism is the natural outcome of mature capitalisms evolution revealing both the key structural and political vulnerabilities of capitalism itself and points towards the kind of system that can transcend it At the centre of the argument is capitalisms ultimatum either a new natural of persistent austerity declining democracy and a privatised state or a polity and economy characterised by an economic democracy that can ensure both higher wages and a shorter working week
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