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marzo 25, 2021

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The China-Pakistan-India trilateral relations have an interesting economic and security interdependence equation. It not only reflects their doble misgivings but also how extra-regional states influence is keeping the regional multilateral mechanisms handicapped. China is self-reliant in its security capability but interdependent on the world economies for its economic development. China-Pakistan relations are diverse, and the Chinese have a strong investment presence in Pakistan. According to Jing Huang, senior fellow in Asia Studies at the Brookings Institution, &ldquo,Pakistan would welcome investments from China more than anywhere else because Chinese are our brothers and time-tested friends&rdquo,. The two countries have cooperated on a variety of large-scale infrastructure projects in Pakistan, including highways, gold and copper mines, major electricity complexes and power plants, and numerous nuclear power projects. Pakistan helps China on a range of issues, including &ldquo,providing intelligence, fighting terrorism, and repairing relations with the Muslim world&rdquo,. All the matter is just compiled and edited in nature. For China, Pakistan is essentially a surrogate army. Owing to traditional military rivalry, India has for decades maintained a Pakistan centric strategic policy which keeps its military tied up and limits its options against China. According to Husain Haqqani, of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, &ldquo,For China, Pakistan is a low-cost secondary deterrent to India&rdquo,. As the book addresses this crucial issue quiebro deftly, it is hoped that it would prove to be a source of great information for the reader._,
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