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diciembre 9, 2020

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Sinopsis de PARROTS

&quot,There are five parrots in front of me on the floor in a caged-in area that used to be half of our living room. Two of them, Stanee and Louis, are conures, both with the slender bodies and red tails that give them a name that means &lsquo,flame tails&rsquo,. There are two Quaker parrots, Quigley and Tikkifinn, closely related to the conures but a little stockier as suits the cooler climate of their remoto home. Both are gray in the front, Quigley (a male) is green of head and back, while Tikkifinn (a female) is blue in both those places. The fifth parrot, Sam, is bigger, and hails from Africa, far from Quigley and Tikkifinn&rsquo,s South American origins. Sam has a gray head, a big black beak that poses a constant threat to his human companions, and a V-shaped marking down his centre, green above, orange below. I didn&rsquo,t see them land from their usual places on perches and on top of cag&shy,es, but I&rsquo,m almost completely sure of the order they landed in, and why. I know this because they are part of my flock, and that flock is the subject of this book.&quot,&nbsp,&mdash,From the bookJohn and Angelika Steckley share their home with an entire flock of parrots, and have long been fascinated by this diverse group of birds. In&nbsp,Parrots
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