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abril 10, 2021

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Sinopsis de PARTY OF ONE

Party of One focuses on the wisdom gained from one woman s journey to find acceptance and peace while living life as a single Christian. As a single Christian, life can be frustrating, worrisome, and confusing when we do not understand how God desires to work in our lives to fulfill His purposes while we are single. The foundational principle of this book is that responding to being single in negative ways shows that we are ill-prepared for godly relationships, much less godly marriages. Learning how to live the single life the way GOD intends brings peace and contentment because life is not put on hold while waiting for that special someone. What we learn here is that God has a life full of purpose, joy, grace, and love in store for everyone – to include single Christian women AND men. The principles penned in this book are biblically-based and communicated humbly from the author s own experiences and faith journey. The author communicates with conviction as one who has been there, done that . When diligently and prayerfully practiced, the insights shared will help single Christians avoid the pitfalls of being a Christian single in a secular world._,
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