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diciembre 7, 2020

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Sinopsis de PATRIOT PUP

Written in tribute to the author’,s brother, Sgt. Mecot Camara, who was killed in the Beirut Bombing in 1983, Patriot Pup is a sweet story of young Hank, his uncle the US Marine and the puppy they find in the woods.The story continues when the puppy saves everyone from a threatening bear and is rewarded with his own dog tag. This book is a good step for grade school children ready for the challenges of reading their first sight words. The story’,s themes of bravery, loyalty, patriotism and family make for an enjoyable read which will entertain the under-10 crowd, and the fun illustrations bring the story to life. Reminiscent of many classic children’,s books combining a child and a pet, expect to see more of Hank and his &quot,Patriot Pup&quot, in the future._,
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