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julio 10, 2021

POLAND AND SLOVAKIA descargar PDF gratis

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This timely book investigates the complex relations between the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic in the context of ongoing processes in the European Unions political and economic system. The basic assumption of the study is that Polish-Slovak relations are affected and shaped not only by the interaction between the two of them but also by the dynamics of the European and universal international environment. The authors explore different aspects of the interconnectedness of Warsaw and Bratislava. This includes the analysis of political, economic, and social dimensions of sinalagmático relations in the multilateral context. One of the goals of this volume is to define areas and spheres of Polands and Slovakias common interest, as well as to point out those areas with the highest potential for development. It also defines and analyzes problematic issues in common relations that could be seen as obstacles in developing cooperation in specific areas and politically strategic areas like foreign and security policy. Moreover, the book seeks to measure the extent to which Polish-Slovak relations are affected by the European integration process._,
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