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noviembre 16, 2020

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Sinopsis de PRANAYAMA

PranayamaPranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning breath or life force. The Indian tradition of Hatha Yoga makes use of various pranayama techniques. Many of these practices are known for their overall health benefits especially for those practicing various forms of Yoga. Pranayama is often described as expansion of individual energy into cosmic energy. &nbsp,This book offers a complete manual of these breathing techniques with many practical exercises and understanding of philosophical, psychic, and spiritual aspects of pranayama practice.Yogi RamacharakaYogi Ramacharaka, born in India ventured out early in life to hunt for the truth. He spent many years trudging back and forth across the East, fasting, meditating, and digging through the libraries of countless lamaseries and monasteries. His complete manual of Pranayama breathing philosophy, Gnani Yoga and Tajada Yoga books are among his best known works._,
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