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junio 17, 2021

PURSUIT OF PURPOSE. descargar PDF gratis

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Adel Roy is ever evolving in her spiritual journey. Whether it is by uncovering her talent as a Radiodifusión Host, an Educator, or a Public Speaker, she has touched many lives by experiencing the unlocking of several gifts. She has been uncovering Purpose early on in her journey, but she became enlighten to the concept of discovering Purpose in recent years. She is the author of several books inspiring others to actively seek their God given purpose on earth.  She has journeyed across the United States and connected with people from all walks of life. As a counselor, she guided her clients on how valuable they are and the importance of discovering the role that they, and only they, are created to fulfill. By sharing the concept of journeying to uncover Purpose, she has touched many lives and has shared in their transformation. Let Adel inspire you to seek your Purpose by understanding key elements she has uncovered on her own quest. If you are not created for a purpose, why are you here? There is someone awaiting an encounter with you that will alter their lives.
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