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diciembre 9, 2020

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Close your eyes if you will and picture pieces of your life not fitting together. You struggle to find that one piece to make sense of a fragile, confused, distorted mind. Over and over you try to engage your memory only to find yourself, merienda again, at the starting line. This book, which consists of extreme journaling, is about the authors experiences and actual life suggestions to deal with family members, friends, or possibly yourself falling into the abyss, so to speak, while trying to cope with the sometimes maddening disease, Alzheimers/Dementia. It is explained in detail in the book, so the reader can easily understand each without confusion, and use the successful techniques she passionately suggests in her experiences. It further relates how delicate the mind can become, like newly blown glass. So there she sat one glorious intoxicating, beautifully sunny day in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, looking at the magnificent, tranquil waves hitting the shoreline. It is here where she decided to start her journey, although painful as well as exhilarating, so that one day her words would be shared with the world. By writing about this time in her life through her extensive journaling was not only a catharsis for the author, it also lets the reader look through her eyes to fully understand the most intricate, intimate, and engaging experience of a lifetime. It brought her closer to her parents than she could ever have imagined, as it will give those who read it the same love, peace, knowledge, and coping skills as one will truly need. And now the journey begins . . ._,
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