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diciembre 5, 2020

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Randy Brown, after suffering many years of stress from being a college baloncesto coach, walked through the horrific life events of losing two of his daughters to a very rare disease. His daughters deaths, depression, and numerous relocations of their homes, took a toll on him that caused Randy to make decisions that cost him his marriage, his job, his passion to live. Unimaginable events then led to imprisonment and in his two-year incarceration.Randy had plenty of time while in Butner Federal Prison to reflect on the decisions he had made and more importantly, the time to choose recovery instead of continuing the life of an addict. Any addict addicted to any substance can relate to Randy’,s story and those who have not yet found recovery will be able to gain experience, strength and hope (the 3 most important things a recovered addict needs) by reading Rebound Forward.Join Randy as he, with much humbleness, shares his road to a better life. Rebound Forward–Rebound from Life’,s Most Devastating Losses and Stay in the Game_,
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