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REVAMP is a one of a kind health, beauty, wellness, and longevity book, written to assist you in the pursuit of successfully navigating through todays toxic world, and rewire the ageing process.Written from personal experience, Elisabeth has refined and encapsulated her findings from over 10 000 hours of research and experimentation, outlining beneficial solutions and alternative choices, for achieving optimum health and wellbeing, radiant beauty, vibrant energy, happy relationships and joy, all of which contribute to feeling, looking, and being, younger than your chronological years, and are necessary for Growing Older Youthfully.Centring around skin nutrition for a youthful glowing complexion, vibrant health, and radiant energy, at any age, this nonfiction gem is part, biography, science, history, spirituality, technology, botanical nutrition, cellular biology, and possibility, filled with pearls of worth.It is a no-nonsense, matter of fact, as it is, to the point, on a need to know basis, information and solution packed, genuine anti-ageing lifestyle strategy. offering the why, where, how, and ways, to set in motion your Fountain Of Youth.Health and wellbeing is a luxury many are no longer afforded.&nbsp, We are immersed in toxic elements that play Russian roulette with cellular biology and our mental health. The disease inducing wrinkle forming gender bending premature ageing&nbsp,everyday products, situations, and pollutants we are exposed to daily are difficult to avoid even in remote isolated parts of the planet, as the atmosphere has no boundary or border.Degenerative dis~eases are now seen in ever younger people plagued with debilitating illness and external signs of premature ageing.Natural beauty has been downplayed while a twisted kind of un-natural plastic fantastic altered physical form, has been turned into something to be pursued. Cosmetic surgery and photoshop have taken a grip on innate vanity, and a ne
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