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abril 26, 2021

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Sinopsis de REVIEW.

Essay from the year 2011 in the subject Sociology – Basics and Normal, grade: 1,0, University College Cork, language: English, abstract: In the following I want to analyze different perspectives of the illness in the narrative by Linda Grant.On the beginning I start with theoretical points like ‘What is the story about’ and ‘Who is telling the story’ and so on. Furthermore I want to explore the honesto values, different perspectives of different people on the disease, the process of the illness and different dynamics, e.g. between mother and daughter and the relationship of power between doctor and patient. On the end I want to interpret the style of writing in the use of metaphors and similes. In between I will try to make short conclusions. But nevertheless, even liking this book a lot, there are always some critical points, reflected and shown under the chapter ‘limitations’.
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