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agosto 10, 2021


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ISBN: 9781628654875 Géneros: JPHF:JPL Sinópsis: Today’s conservative woman leads the revolution of modern conservatism on multiple fronts and is faced with situational dynamics that are unprecedented  The current divided political climate in America demands a savvy soft and pliable approach by the conservative woman in every facet of her life Revolution America Communication Toolbox for the Modern Conservative American Woman encourages political and social interaction among conservative women using new ways of thinking and approaching political as well as addressing social issues within different settings  Revolution America provides a strong framework for communication by providing examples and tools as well as valuable skill sets for women and men alike The book is presented in a focused format which will prove to be an easy and enjoyable read from the perspective of a conservative woman As a result of reading Revolution America the reader will have a more balanced view and approach toward important political topics not usually found in the world media Applying and mastering the techniques used in Revolution America Communication Toolbox for the Modern Conservative American Woman will help foster the change we desperately need to restore the American family followed by restoration of the Republic one person and one household at a time
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