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abril 10, 2021

SEXY BRAIN descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de SEXY BRAIN

Win the battle between our toxic environment and your sex life. Learn exactly how to protect your intimacy, brain and relationships from today&rsquo,s toxic world while learning how to be the best lover ever! SEXY BRAIN is a breakthrough book about a new problem&mdash,the looming threat of environmental castration.&nbsp,Just as science is showing that intimacy is as beneficial as&nbsp,veggies and exercise&nbsp,for your health&mdash,especially for your brain&mdash,today&rsquo,s intimacy is under attack from our toxic environment.&nbsp,Our toxic environment is hijacking our hormones and tamping down our human ability to connect or to benefit from these connections. Just as children are now threatened with diseases that historically only happened to older adults, like type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and obesity, younger adults are having more intimacy issues from cuddling to sex. You&rsquo,ll learn why nature designed humans to have pleasure and connection. You&rsquo,ll learn how to how to make love stay, keep family life stable, and have more amazing intimacy with another human being than you ever thought possible. Berkson wrote one of the first books on endocrine disruption (Hormone Deception, 2000), one of the first books on the mind/gut/nutrition link (Healthy Digestion the Natural Way, 2001) and one of the first books on bioidentical hormones and how they lean on nutrients and the gut (Safe Hormones, 2010). All these books now converge in your bedroom. SEXY BRAIN gives you exact answers about how to protect intimacy, exact steps to be a great lover based on the hard-wired biology of estrogen and testosterone, and the exact cross-talk between intimacy, your gut, and your brain in an easy and entertaining way. Who would have thought that great sex starts in the gut! Learn that the gut is the &ldquo,mothership&rdquo, not only for physical health, b
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