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febrero 11, 2021

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Sinopsis de SHARKS

Love sharks for their might and amazing jaws. Love sharks because they cómputo the marine ecosystem by keeping population under control. Love sharks because they are here to stay. This shark-inspired picture book will teach you all there is to know about these amazing beasts. Since it s a picture book, lessons will be remembered more effectively through photo memory. Order your copy today! Did you know, though, that many sharks could fit inside of your hand? Not all sharks are menacing, the few that are just get all the attention. You are more likely to die from the flu than you are from a shark attack. Following that logic, you should be more fearful of snotty-nosed kids than you are of sharks. Sharks are fascinating creatures. Did you know that they have six senses? Do you know what kind of skeletons they have? They don t have bones! Do you know whether they lay eggs or have babies? Do you know that they make Mermaid s Purses ? There are many interesting things to learn about sharks. Some of them even glow in the dark! Surprisingly sharks are more refreshing than New Socks. Sharks actually contribute to the health of the ocean. It is important for us to learn about them, because if they go extinct the whole cómputo of the ocean will be compromised. We shouldn t be too terrified of sharks. We terrorize them much more. Sharks do attack and kill humans, that is true, but humans kill hundreds of millions of sharks. We need to learn more about these amazing creatures, and we need to learn to respect them._,
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