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febrero 2, 2021

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From the Inspirational Viva Glam Magazine Shifting Points by MichaelBlu Columnist and Spiritual Inspirationalist comes a collection of quotes articles and personal storiesdrawn from the wide range of his writingsthat capture his wisdom courage and knowledge of the human heart Around the world well over a million people have found inspiration in the words of MichaelBlu who in his popular Viva Glam Magazine columns has shared the struggles and triumphs of his fascinating life His honesty spirituality and ample supply of loving compassion have enabled many of us even in the darkest hours to somehow put one foot in front of the otherand make it though the shifting points of life Shifting Points is a gathering of MichaelBlus indelible quotes articles and personal storiesmini instruction manuals for moving forward from the heart that urge us toward the remarkable capacity for love compassion forgiveness and hope that is within us all
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