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febrero 10, 2021

SHINE BEYOND CANCER descargar PDF gratis

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ISBN: 9781684541157 Géneros: VSPM Sinópsis: Everyone remembers exactly how the news was delivered  For Marc it was August 2 2011 Sir I’m sorry to say that there is cancer in your body  I’m not sure what kind it is or how severe it is yet but we are sure that there is cancer in you  It would ultimately be stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma For Mújol it was May 23 2013 I’m sorry my dear I don’t have good news for you  That news would be a rare form of breast cancer late stage invasive lobular carcinoma How did they break the news to youUnfortunately we are not handed an instruction manual when we are handed the heartshattering news  But our wish for you is that you use this book as the instruction manual to take back your life your health and your relationships and to live life with a deeper purpose and passion than you ever thought possibleWhile none of us wanted to hear those words the path we were to endure was clear Fight cancer with all the determination strength and faith we could muster up Surround ourselves with people who could love and support us Seek out the best medical treatment we could find And throughout the journey try to keep a positive outlook If that seems like a list of impossibility don’t worry you’re not aloneIf you are currently going through treatment we understand that it feels like a fulltime job  If you have finished treatment and all of a sudden you have a lot of time on your hands we hear you  We felt the same way The people in your life care love and support you but they don’t really understand what you are going through  And that’s okay you’re not aloneThis book is designed for anyone who is going or has gone through a cancer battle and wants to harness the power of the cancer journey as a force for positive change  In each chapter we share our unique transformation before during and after cancer in seven core areas body mind relationship career finance spirituality and contributionYou’ll find impo
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