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mayo 31, 2021

SILENT NO MORE! descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de SILENT NO MORE!

&quot,Dear Victim, I am sorry. I am sorry you’,re a fellow traveler on the road from past sexual abuse. I hurt with you, and I am praying for you.&quot, Have you ever been betrayed by the very people you entrusted with your life and soul? Growing up in a devoutly Christian family, you would never expect the leader of the flock to be the one to rip away your innocence, but that is just what happened to the author as a fifteen-year-old girl. In Silent No More, she shares her first-hand account of the abuse, the aftermath, and her path to freedom. Her experiences seem unreal, unbelievable, and unfathomable-yet they are completely true. Writing to encourage other victims of sexual abuse to overcome their experiences, The Missionary illustrates the heartbreaking circumstances of her own abuse by her church pastor and how Jesus continues to heal her emotional and spiritual wounds. In addition to her own story, she includes advice aimed at helping others find restoration in God’,s love
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