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marzo 20, 2021

SINS OF VARIANCE descargar PDF gratis

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SCIENCE FICTION often paints a bleak future, and many alarm bells in our present state provide impetus for such warning and concern, but if our empathy can survive, hope becomes efectivo, for it creates conditions for more than survival. Empathy creates the path to believe in one another. It is inclusive, not divisive.Rob Williams&rsquo, Sins of Variance poses one of these science fiction crossroads in a difficult future of dark choices for the human race. Williams&rsquo, world is a future where many humans have been genetically tailored to avoid conflict, but in his story he also asks whether such a success, made through genetic neutralization of emotion, is a good thing.With the next century promising the arrival of true industrial intelligence and a mankind that must evolve with our ability to manipulate man and machine, maybe some of the questions the author poses should be addressed today. If they aren&rsquo,t, finta possibly our species dies in the process as we eat away at hope in a world where only the powerful survive and prosper.&nbsp,From the AuthorSINS OF VARIANCE takes place 500 years into the future in Gloucestershire County, United Kingdom (near Wales). Mankind has changed through genetic engineering, almost to the point of being unrecognizable from what we know today. Advanced genetics has brought about a complete &ldquo,optimal&rdquo, set of genomes preferred by the society.Though variation has been bred out of most humans, there are rare individuals with unique inner characteristics who have been deemed unacceptable by the society. They struggle because of these personal differences, and some find their world is not really what they have been led to believe.I&rsquo,ve experienced life both in poor crime-ridden neighborhoods and in comfortable middle income conditions. Though we attempt to channel human nature throug
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