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Sledding, Duke Style is the second book in the series The Adventures of Duke.&nbsp, All of the stories in the series are based on true events. Living in the mountains of West Virginia during the winter season was nothing short of amazing.&nbsp, Although all of the beautiful leaves had fallen from the trees, the winter snows on the mountainside would bring a fresh array of beauty allowing for many winter adventures. Duke loved the snow as much as I did and we always looked forward to the winter season.&nbsp, We would wrestle around in the snow in our backyard every time the snow began to fall.&nbsp, I would build snowmen as Duke patiently watched and he especially loved it when I would lie on the ground to make snow angels because he could get in on the action! My hope is the next time snow falls every reader will enjoy playing in the snow with their dog and make lots of memories.&nbsp, Duke and I hope everyone that reads the Adventures of Duke can get a glimpse of how much fun we had living in the mountains of West Virginia.&nbsp, Happy reading and keep a look out for all of the Adventures of Duke.&nbsp, Ruff! Ruff! Glen and Duke_,
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