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Have you had it with being tired all the time? Would you do almost anything for a good night’,s sleep?Whether you want to (1) feel more energized all day long, (2) know how to easily fall asleep, or (3) know how to get a more restful and better night’,s sleep, then this is the book for you!Destroy insomnia merienda and for all.There’,s no reason to spend your days in a mental fog and your nights in restless wakefulness. Learn when and how to head for bed and actually go to sleep. Use simple, straightforward instructions for getting back to sleep if you awaken in the middle of the night. You will also learn how to turn off racing thoughts and soothe your mind and body so you can fall into restful sleep.Reboot your mind and body every night.This comprehensive book covers everything you need to know about sleep so that you can restore and refresh your body every night! You will first learn how to determine how much sleep your own body needs for optimum functioning. Then I will walk you through easy to follow instructions that will allow you to get a great night&rsquo,s sleep on a regular basis so that you can live and perform at a much higher level every day! Sleep is far from unproductive time. Your mind and body need a certain amount of down time to repair the damage done during the previous day and to reset and replenish both mind and body to face the day to come. If I where to list the side effects from lack of sleep to the human body it would go on for several pages. That’,s why being able to master the art of sleeping is so important!Use a waking routine to improve your sleep.Life is about doing what you love, good sleep ensures that you never miss out on the great things in life becau
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