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febrero 7, 2021

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Does your child need orthodontic treatment, but you don&rsquo,t know where to start?Are you confused by conflicting information about treatments?Does the financial investment for orthodontic treatment stop you from taking action?If you answered yes&nbsp, to one or all of these questions, you&rsquo,re not alone. Understanding orthodontic treatment is very challenging. Family decision makers &ndash, usually mums &ndash, are often left feeling confused and overwhelmed. The result? Incorrect treatments, wasted time and money, and poor outcomes for kids.So Smile!&nbsp, takes away the pain of orthodontic treatment decisions. It explains everything you need to know, in language you can understand, and steps you can follow.Dr Sarah Dan, a leading Australian orthodontic specialist and mum, will guide you through the orthodontic treatment journey, answering your questions on
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