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abril 22, 2021

SOFTENING THE GRIEF descargar PDF gratis

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Ease the Pain of Losing a ChildSoftening the Grief is both a companion for grieving mothers so they know they are not alone and a resource for people who want to be caring but are afraid they will say the wrong thing. This book provides the right things to say and do.Learn what words will truly bring comfort rather than pain to a grieving mother.Understand the emotional challenges faced by a grieving mother, even months and years after the loss of her child.Appreciate the inability of a bereaved mother to forget her pain – ever.Learn how to support and comfort a bereaved mother with confidence.Know what to say and do without adding more pain. Four mothers who each lost a child want to educate friends and family of those who are grieving. In Softening the Grief they write about what to say and do to provide comfort and include a list of 25 things people often say that are intended to offer sympathy but more often are hurtful. The authors suggest better ways to communicate compassion and support. These women also write about the pain that never goes away and share their journeys through stories and poetry.A final word from the authors
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