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febrero 10, 2021

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Will Pakistan become a failed state?&nbsp, Will it break into a few smaller states?&nbsp, Will it be denuclearised?&nbsp,These are the questions which haunt all Pakistanis, and the enemies and friends of Pakistan alike. What will be the future of Pakistan? No one knows – and no one can predict with certainty, but can the disaster be averted?&nbsp, This is the focus of this book – How Pakistan can be brought back from the brink? Pakistan is deep in debt – internal and external, which it is struggling to pay off. Economists fear it is moving quickly towards a Debt Trap … then economic collapse. Many Pakistanis fear that at this point, the world powers will rescue Pakistan – but on the conditions of handing over the nuclear weapons and technology – and may be to divide the country into a few smaller states? &nbsp,What are the chances of this scenario ever happening, and what could be done to avert this?_,
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