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abril 25, 2021

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Sinopsis de SPOTLESS

Island Chaptal&mdash,nerdy IT engineer by day, romance novel junkie by night&mdash,just walked into her messy New York apartment to find Mr. Right waiting for her. No, wait&hellip,Mr. Clean. A señor professional killer with a bad case of OCD and zero tolerance for unsorted laundry, March isn&rsquo,t there to kill her&hellip,yet. He wants the diamond her late mother stole for a sinister criminal organization. Island agrees to help him find it, facing the kind of adversaries who dismember first and ask questions later. Good thing she&rsquo,s got March to show her the ropes. And the guns. And the knives. The buttoned-up Island is soon having a blast racing from Paris to Tokyo following the clues in her mother&rsquo,s will, and for the first time, she&rsquo,s ready to get close to someone. But falling for a hit man may be the very definition of loving dangerously. Spotless marks the beginning of Island and March&rsquo,s ongoing adventures._,
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