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mayo 30, 2021

TABLE FOR ONE descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de TABLE FOR ONE

Definitely a must-read for solo single or single-again, living alone!When was the last time you took you out somewhere really special with &ldquo,you&rdquo,? Has there been any time where you made reservations, dressed in your finest, and took &ldquo,you&rdquo, out to fine dine, for example? That&rsquo,s right. You in the sole company of you and that&rsquo,s absolutely great! We&rsquo,re not talking narcissism here&mdash,an unhealthy obsession with oneself. Quiebro to the contrary. Imagine being alone with you as your only choice of company, for large portions of time and being absolutely comfortable with it&mdash,and you&rsquo,re not an introvert.Table for One, please . . . and thank you!For the hundreds of thousands of individuals who just happen to live alone and also happen to find themselves, at the end of the day, most often alone, this life-changing book may well be the spark that will turn your life around. Reflect on the redemption of aloneness. Get ready to break down the barriers to success and victory often found in subconsciously accepting the many misconceptions that come with being/living alone. This book will dispel many of the myths that have been held through the years regarding what is or is not solo person appropriate. Who made up these rules anyway?Table for One will draw you away from the bondage of certain societal impositions to a brand-new freedom gained from the knowledge that you&rsquo,re not &ldquo,by&rdquo, yourself._,
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