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mayo 13, 2021

THE BUTTERFLY FLIES descargar PDF gratis

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Eva L. Shaw, Ph.D. is a private practitioner in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and has an established clinical practice, Make Life Happen Counselling &amp, Coaching. She is a specialist in relationship issues at home and in the workplace. She especially enjoys working with couples therapy and divorce recovery. She is a storyteller.The Butterfly Flies is a moving story of her personal and professional life. Her story will appeal to those who have no belief system, other religious affiliation, and Christians alike. She has a deep respect for all who are on a healing journey. Wherever you are in your life, you are sure to find parallels to her story and information to help others. Eva herself is a Christian, a wife, and a mother.The story of the butterfly, from the eggs laid on a tree leaf to the struggle out of the chrysalis and the birth of a butterfly, reflects the personal growth she has experiencedthe good, the bad, and the ugly with struggles and victories and the emergence of beauty. This powerful story is told in down-to-earth language interlaced with humor._,
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