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Ever since I began my schooling I was frustrated by its failure to inspire me or demonstrate its importance I didn’t know what was most important but I was sure it wasn’t this I had heard about the genocide of the Indians witnessed the assassination of JFK and lived through the Vietnam war I asked about these and other things but I was never told these topics never came up in school Every year I expected things to improve but they never didMy classmates progressed from intimidated elementary school students assaulted by teachers tests and the pledge of allegiance to compliant high school students accepting insipid explanations eroded selfconfidence and hostile competition By the time I got to middle school I was seething and I began to take things into my own hands This was the start of my search for wise counsel and a deeper understanding of education the world and myselfFor six decades of education in dozens of fieldstaught mentored enabled and exploitedI have been asking the most interesting people I can find for answers to the question of meaning growth and change I have returned to my most important mentors classmates partners and their teachers students and children I wanted answers that went to the root of inspiration and opportunity What improves our lives In The Learning Project thirtyfive artists athletes tradesmen soldiers scientists and politiciansteenagers adults and eldersdescribe their passages of inner change One struggles with adolescence in a broken immigrant family Another trains to be an astronaut A third learns craftsmanship from a grandfather who lived during the Civil War These rites of passage echo a mythology going back thousands of years In them are the secrets to growing our humanity This is not the sanitized version reduced to selfhelp or buzzwords for business schools These are not pigeonholed people or bedtime stories They are fully textured authentic rites of passage unfiltered and unfolded by layers Lives like ours twisted comp
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