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octubre 15, 2021

THE MAGIC LOOM descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de THE MAGIC LOOM
In &lsquo,The Magic Loom&rsquo, the author, Heather McClelland, invites adults who survived trauma in their childhood to become more aware of their sensations. She helps them interweave the narratives and wisdom of both body and mind as they safely explore and make meaning of the past and put it behind them. This is a text for therapists primarily, teaching with metaphor and case-study. Therapists will discover why and how weaving the body and mind together in interpersonal narrative style conversations meets the needs that contemporary scientific research is uncovering.It is the author&rsquo,s hope that survivors themselves may find they can identify with the stories of trauma recovery as they unfold and engage with the Magic Loom&rsquo,s conversational style and translation of the languages of therapy and of science.Neuroscientists inform us that unresolved aspects of early trauma become hidden within a person&rsquo,s somatic memory (van der Kolk, 2006). Memories are not cognitively or narratively retrievable because at the time of the innovador trauma, the hormonal impacts on the traumatised child&rsquo,s brain prevented vitalista neural signals from reaching the brain&rsquo,s higher, sense-making parts (Perry, 1997, van der Kolk, 2006). The trauma is remembered, not by her rational mind but by her body.Raising a person&rsquo,s awareness of her body means that key threads can be woven together with the full range of narrative therapy approaches that enable her to explore what her mind presents. The body-focused narrative therapist is learning to listen to an added voice and a different suite of narratives. She is helping to make explicit and visible to the survivor what has long remained implicit and hidden. It&rsquo,s as if the person&rsquo,s body gives her back her voice and her mind.Body-focused narrative therapy owes its transformative power to the synthesis of a range of somatic and narrative&nbsp,approaches._,
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