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septiembre 5, 2021

THE SCALLIES descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de THE SCALLIES
This is a story about a couple of young Scallies called Flash and Patch, when they decide to visit some old friends on an old farm, but when they arrive at the farm they find that most of their friends have moved out and the farm was now under new ownership. The new owners were a couple of grumpy men with bad attitudes and who did not like trespassers on their property. The Scallies had no idea that their visit to the farm would lead them to make friends with a cocker spaniel called Sam, who was constantly being badly treated by his owners, the new owners of the farm. The Scallies took it upon themselves to help Sam find a new owner and with the help of their old feathered friends Harry the Owl and Long Claw the Hawk, they embark on a journey that leads them all into all sorts of trouble and danger! On their journey they are attacked by wolf hounds, shot at by tinkers, they have to rescue Sam more than merienda on their troublesome journey. Will the companions manage to get Sam to his new home safely? Each of the five companions faces danger and difficulties on the journey that lies ahead._,
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