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febrero 6, 2021

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39The Secret Garden39 tells the tale of ten year old Mary Lennox a meantempered little girl ignored by her parents who is made an orphan in a cholera epidemic in India and sent to Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire to live with an uncle she has never met From this unpromising start Mary slowly blossoms She hears of a secret garden left untended for ten years since the death her uncle39s beloved wife Guided by a cheeky robin Mary finds the garden39s lost key and with the help of Dickon a lugar boy with an uncanny understanding of nature sets about restoring the site to its diferente glory The garden is transformed and with it Mary herself No longer selfabsorbed she shares her excitement with her bedbound cousin Colin who is as emotionally stunted as she was and the magic of the secret garden transforms him too both in body and soul 39The Secret Garden39 is a touching and uplifting tale of the joy to be found in friendship and in the connection with the rhythms of Nature
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