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noviembre 30, 2020

THE WORLD SHIFTED descargar PDF gratis

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&quot,In March, 2010, during a routine exam, Mary Northcutt was diagnosed with cancer. With one word, our lives were changed, forever. For us, the World truly had Shifted. It’,s Stage 4, they said. It’,s incurable, they said. You’,ve got maybe a year.As it turned out, Mary had more than six years, and I was with her every step of the way.This is our story. It is a story of love, courage, faith, and hope. Mary lived her life to the fullest extent, and never gave up hope, even when hope was all that was left her. She taught those around her how to live, to love, to never compromise with life. She taught us the meaning of friendship, and the power of faith. Mary merienda said she thanked God for giving her cancer because it taught her to value life. We learned together that when your days are numbered you must make every day count.Mary left the world a better place for her having been in it. It is in part because of her spirit that I am donating $1 for every copy sold to cancer research.&quot,&nbsp,_,
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