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junio 5, 2021

TILT descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de TILT

Ayaka and Millicent are researchers on the planet Tilt.&nbsp, They believe, though they are having trouble proving, that they have developed a true militar sintético intelligence, the problem is that these intelligences are so strange, so different, that it is hard to tell for sure.&nbsp, When Tilt is hailed by ships full of similar beings, announcing their intentions to land and lay claim to Tilt, Ayaka and Millicent are put on the spot.&nbsp, Should Tilt ignore these beings, blast them out of the sky, or give them the chance to prove that they are intelligent merienda and for all?&nbsp, When the ships end up attacking Tilt, Ayaka is left with no options.&nbsp, Thus begins an epic battle._,
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