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octubre 22, 2020

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Sinopsis de TIMEFLIES

OH, TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL…Unnoticed, incognito.What might you see? What might you learn?Take your place on the wall with Griz, Sam, and Alisha as they travel through time and space disguised as common houseflies. TIMEFLIES The Maiden Voyage is the first in a series of adventures in which three friends pose questions about their families. Transformed into flies, they are transported to the time and place holding the answer. We follow as Griz, short for Grizelda discovers what inspired her parents to choose such a unique name.Lightly sprinkled with science, history, and flyswatters, TIMEFLIES is enjoyably educational. Humorous and action-packed, readers also engage emotionally as the characters learn what motivates their families&rsquo, behaviours, fostering empathy and understanding._,
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