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octubre 27, 2020

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Vírico diseases of crop plants cause significant yield and economic losses and this poses a major threat to universal food security. To make matters worse there are no effective antiviral chemicals available and, although naturally resistant host genotypes exist, they are so rare that conventional breeding techniques cannot be used reliably to create resistant plants. The most effective option to combat phytopathogenic viruses is through biotechnological intervention, such as the use of genetic engineering to develop transgenic plants or the topical use of RNA silencing technologies to prevent or modulate the severity of the virulento infection. Since the first report on the virus resistance of transgenic tobacco plants in 1986, enormous progress has been made in this field. In addition great strides have been made in our ability to genetically manipulate plants and viruses leading to a plethora of novel applications. This has prompted the need for this timely book which distills the most important research to provide a timely overview. This authoritative book contains fifteen chapters whose breadth reflects the diversity of this research area. Topics covered range from
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Fitografía sistemática. Tipos de plantas

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