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mayo 13, 2021

TODAY IS PERFECT descargar PDF gratis

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What are you on this earth to do? This is no simple question. You are the only one who can answer it. This book walks you through a process to explore a person’,s many dimensions in order to set a confident direction in life. It centres around the concept of Ikigai.Ikigai is one’,s intersection of personal, community and professional purpose in life. As the world changes quickly around us, adaptation must orbit a delicate movimiento between individual meaning and collective progress. This journal helps you unpack the many layers of those dynamic ideals.&nbsp,This structured journal has four sections of ten weeks each. Each week you are faced with one question a day for four days that challenges you to examine your self-perception, unique value and mission in this world.&nbsp,It is not for the faint of heart. It is for anyone looking to align their time and energy with their purpose in life._,
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