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agosto 10, 2021

UNBREAKABLE BOND descargar PDF gratis

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The one phrase she held on to until the very end was &quot,I love you.&rdquo, My mum was 51 when she was diagnosed with early onset dementia, she was 54 when she died. Before she died I made a promise to her that I would write a book about our experiences and this book is me keeping that promise. It is a book crammed full of emotional and practical support for anyone facing the daunting challenge of caring for a loved one. I believe most people in the world will be faced by the possibility of caring for someone in their lifetime and it is important that we are all as ready as we can be for this. I spent four years caring for my mum when she developed dementia and I promised her that I would write a book about our experiences to help others going through the same thing. This book is about my journey with my mum, what we learnt, what we experienced, our ups &amp, downs and how it made us feel. In the book I candidly share my thoughts, my opinions and my advice for anyone out there who is dealing with caring for a loved one. My mum lost her battle but I hope this book in someway will play a part in helping us win the war on defeating this terrible illness._,
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