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junio 7, 2021

UNSPOKEN GIFT descargar PDF gratis

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Candy Waters&nbsp,Art Book is for inspiration and a celebration of Ability not Disability.&nbsp,Artist Candy Waters, whose work appears in this book, is 16&nbsp,years old, autistic and nonverbal.&nbsp, From the day she was born Candy’,s parents, singer songwriters Robert and Sandy Waters, played guitar and sang to her.&nbsp, Then at the age of three Candy was diagnosed with autism and Robert and Sandy&rsquo,s view of their job as parents changed. Devastated by this diagnosis they continued to care for Candy surrounding her with music and art. &nbsp,When an opportunity for six year old Candy to paint arose, they provided the environment, tools, and support that opened Candy to expression and suddenly their nonspeaking child was able to let the world into her silence with painted glimpses into her amazingly colorful world! &nbsp,&nbsp,&quot,Candy Waters and her art is a great example of the remarkable talent and accomplishments that people with autism can achieve.&nbsp, Through TM techniques children and adults with autism as well their families can be helped to overcome stress and become happier, healthier and more creative.&quot, ~David Lynch, Movie Director and Founder of The David Lynch Foundation&ldquo,Candy Waters&rsquo, art book is yet another example of the talent that lies within the untapped minds of those who live with autism.&nbsp, Candy&rsquo,s art is her unspoken gift to all of us&rdquo, &nbsp,~ Actor Joe MantegnaEven though Candy is nonverbal and unable to communicate through words she is able to express herself through her art and be heard around the World. Candy’,s art and story has inspired and raised autism awareness but most importantly it has given hope and joy to people around the Globe!!&nbsp,Candy has&nbsp,many amazing accomplishments to name a few&nbsp,The University of California, Irvine Magazine used her &quot,Mr. Sun&quot, painting for the cover of their Summer 2013 issue that sheds light
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