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marzo 15, 2021

VEBLENS AMERICA descargar PDF gratis

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The astonishing political rise of Donald Trump sent seasoned observers scurrying for clues and explanations How did Trump happen Of course no one guide will suffice but a surprisingly helpful one suggests Sidney Plotkin is the early twentiethcentury American radical Thorstein Veblen In remarkably vivid ways Veblen understood the enduring American allure of figures such as Trump NP As Plotkin shows in Veblen39s America Trump39s booming persona springs noisily out the countrytown hucksterism that Veblen sardonically depicted its fabulist habits fitting Trump39s truthful hyperbole to a tee But Veblen saw darker more ominous forces in American life toohabits of barbaric violence misogyny and xenophobiaforces that foreshadowed Trump39s appeal to what Veblen called a deep sclerosis of the American soul New Deal liberalism helped mute the strains but economic crisis and the neoliberal response aggravated them Donald Trump39s appeal to hate made their revival unmistakableTo shape the study Plotkin introduces readers to Veblen39s critical institutional theory and its application to both the American case generally and to the Trump family story in particular With Veblen as foundation he examines three generations of Trumps as they engage the forces of American development Friedrich Trump the hardscrabble immigrant grandfather on the make in the gold mining towns of the Pacific Northwest Fred Trump the father who showed the way in using the loose rules of American housing policy to become a captain of tópico industry and Donald J Trump himself who having first burst onto the New York City scene as a burgeoning celebrity entrepreneur of the neoliberal era then turned against neoliberal globalism proclaiming himself the one and only savior of workingclass America As Plotkin shows Trump39s poisonous ascendancy exposed a barbaric malevolence that has long torn at the fabric of American democracy and its aspirations for equality
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