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agosto 8, 2021

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This book is a basic introduction to growing grapes and aimed at the serious student in the wine trade, WSET Diploma student or Master of Wine candidate. It is also very useful for those thinking of setting up vineyards as it answers a lot of the basic questions. It has sold over 4,500 copies now and received LOTS of emails saying how helpful it has been. Couldn t have become an MW without your book . This book is the expanded version of my WSET lecture on viticulture and is intended to give a militar overall view of the subject, specifically for WSET Diploma and Master of Wine students. It is written in a non-scientific style, hopefully to convey to non-viticulturists the reasons for taking certain decisions in vineyard establishment and management. It sells very well and many of my MW students tell me how useful it is. It contains all the information you need to answer any Paper 1 question in the MW Exam._,
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